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Recycled water treatment equipment

  • Gray Water Recycling Water Treatment Equipment

    Gray Water Recycling Water Treatment EquipmentReverse water recovery equipment: When organic matter in sewage is oxidized by biodegradation, organic nitrogen is converted into ammonia nitrogen. The wastewater treated by activated sludge treatment has a considerable amount of ammonia nitrogen discharged into the water, which can lead to...

  • Flocculation Wastewater Recycled Water Treatment Equipment for Sale

    Flocculation Wastewater Recycled Water Treatment Equipment for SalePlant flocculation wastewater treatment: In recent years, the method of sewage treatment has a lot of, the common methods include: biological membrane method, biological method and facultative activated sludge method, etc., facultative biological method, the operation of the sewage treatment...

  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment

    Wastewater Treatment EquipmentIndustrial water recycling system: According to the power plant sewage treatment facilities, the survey found in the running state of the running state of the sewage treatment is poor, appear error in some power plants in the selection process, result in sewage treatment facilities is less than...

  • Recycled Water Containers Waste Treatment Equipment

    Recycled Water Containers Waste Treatment EquipmentRecycled water containers waste treatment equipment: My company electronic ultrapure water effluent is completely in line with the United States ASTM equipment level pure water water quality standard, the electronic industry in our country level water quality standards (18 M Ω. Cm, 15 M Ω. Cm,...

  • Grey Water and Biological Wastewater Treatment Equipment

    Grey Water and Biological Wastewater Treatment Equipmentbiological wastewater treatment: The main source of zinc in electroplating and metal-processing wastewater is the electroplating or acid - cleaning mop. The pollutants are then washed away through the process of metal rinse. The pickling process involves soaking the metal (zinc or...

  • Gravity Clarifier Water Reclamation System

    Gravity Clarifier Water Reclamation SystemGravity Clarifier Water Reclamation System: Coal chemical industry wastewater treatment is mainly based on removal of carbon, for the purpose of the basic principles of biological denitrification technology is transforming organic nitrogen into ammonia nitrogen, on the basis of using the...

  • Gray Water Recycling Equipments

    Gray Water Recycling EquipmentsGray Water Recycling Equipments: Chemical industry requirement for water quality, water solvent in the chemical industry, chemical analysis, chemical materials, cleaning products, separation, enrichment, purification, waste recycling, etc all need to use membrane separation equipment,...