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water filtration system

  • Mobile Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment

    Mobile Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment EquipmentRO Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment: Mobile reverse osmosis devices, and the principle of reverse osmosis equipment, mainly is convenient move and transport, reverse osmosis, also known as reverse osmosis, a differential pressure as the driving force, isolated from the solution of...

  • Nanofiltration Composite Membrane Equipment for Water Treatment

    Nanofiltration Composite Membrane Equipment for Water Treatmentnanofiltration equipment In the early eighty s, with the emergence of new membrane method and the continuous improvement of the membrane process, a new member of the Nano filtration membrane family (Nano filtration be, NF) to come out. With its size from 1 to 10 nm in size, 90% of NaCl dialBSWis...

  • Catalytic Oxidation Equipment for Water

    Catalytic Oxidation Equipment for WaterCatalytic Oxidation of Methane Equipment for Effluent water sewage treatment system: The oxidative reaction of oxidants can be obtained through the catalyst in air, oxygen and ozone. Catalytic oxidation is to point to in certain pressure and temperature conditions, the metal materials as...