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  • Under Sink Well Water Self-cleaning Filters Sales

    Under Sink Well Water Self-cleaning Filters Salesself-cleaning filter The BSWSCF-XF series is a fully automatic self-cleaning filter suitable for harsh environments. For different use requirements, it can be equipped with a filter of 3500 micron - 50 microns, 8 "-36".The self-cleaning process of the filter is started by monitoring...

  • Gray Water Recycling Water Treatment Equipment

    Gray Water Recycling Water Treatment EquipmentReverse water recovery equipment: When organic matter in sewage is oxidized by biodegradation, organic nitrogen is converted into ammonia nitrogen. The wastewater treated by activated sludge treatment has a considerable amount of ammonia nitrogen discharged into the water, which can lead to...

  • Gray Water Recycling Equipments

    Gray Water Recycling EquipmentsGray Water Recycling Equipments: Chemical industry requirement for water quality, water solvent in the chemical industry, chemical analysis, chemical materials, cleaning products, separation, enrichment, purification, waste recycling, etc all need to use membrane separation equipment,...