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RO design basis. Apr 22, 2018

Generally, it is 1m3 / h/branch.

2:1 arrangement

9. RO inlet conditions:

Degree: 1 degree.


(3 ~ 10)

(4), water temperature: < 45 ℃



Total iron: <0.3PPm.


10. Cleaning conditions:

After the normalization, the desalination rate decreased by 10 ~ 15%.

The pressure difference between the two is increased by 10 ~ 15%.

The amount of water dropped by 10 ~ 15% after standardization.

In the long term.

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

As a daily maintenance.

Standardization: will now calculate the operation of the data (after standardization and standardization of production flow of desalting rate) and the selected benchmark to compare the operating parameters of the reference process.

Standardized flow: if the operating conditions of the system are the same as those in the initial delivery, the current flow rate can be achieved theoretically.

Standardized desalination rate:

11. Preservation:

Wash one time every day for 5 days.

More than 5 days, 1% NaHSO3.

The < 27 ℃ changing once every 30 days

28 ℃ > changing once every 15 days