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The characteristics and application range of immersion ultrafiltration membrane. Mar 28, 2018

Product features

Long life of film wire: special process to ensure the high strength of film wire, no breaking silk phenomenon;

Pore diameter distribution is narrow: the pore diameter of the membrane is 0.01mm, and the filtration accuracy is extremely high, and the water outlet is better.

Good oxidation resistance: all salts, acids, bases, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogens, etc.

Permanent hydrophilic: special process to ensure the film's permanent hydrophilic and anti-pollution ability;

Immersion ultra-filtration    .jpg

Fully automatic operation: automatic and intelligent management and operation.

Scope of application

Drinking water treatment: upgrading the water supply of the waterworks.

Surface water treatment: purification treatment of surface water to improve surface water quality.

Sewage treatment

Reverse osmosis pretreatment