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Germany Vaillant Waste Water Equipment, 3 Days Installed!waste Water Equipment, 3 Days Installed! Dec 19, 2017

Vaillant, a German heating brand;

Founded in 1874 by Mr. John Vaillant, in Remscheid, Germany;

It is the leading manufacturer of heating/hot water equipment in Europe and the largest manufacturer of domestic gas wall hangers.

For more than 130 years, the world is renowned for producing high-quality heating/hot water/temperature control equipment, leading the development of intelligent heating/hot water products in the world.

wastewater recycling2.png

Vaillant heat exchange (wuxi) co., LTD., is our old customer, before the pure water equipment operation is stable, the waste water equipment, USES the DAF +ITS+ MMF + 2 ro process, after consultation, water installation for three days, my company to provide the best quality, 12.16-12.16. Three days, the smooth completion of old equipment and equipment installation work.

Our company continues to let the flow of blue sky to every corner of the earth enterprise purpose, for more enterprise services!