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Name: Zhang yao

length of service: 10 years

Educational background:undergraduate

position: General manager

evaluation: 10 years,

Work is good at:Technology offers



Name: Chen wen

nickname: eldest brother, brother, xiaowen,

length of service: 10 years

position: production manager

evaluation: 10 years,

Work is good at:Production management, process design


Name: Ren Xiaoying

length of service: 10 years

position: Finance manager

evaluation: 10 years,

Work is good at:The financial management




Name: Chen Henglei

nickname: Chen lei

length of service: 10 years

position: Production assistant manager

Work is good at:Electrical design, project installation guide

Engineering experience: Fijian, Taiwan and other large domestic and foreign equipment leaders



Name: Dong Zidong

nickname: Ah dong

length of service: 8 years

position: The project manager

Work is good at:Project installation management

Engineering experience: Head of large domestic equipment


Name: Wang chen

length of service: 7 years

position: After-sales service manager

Work is good at:After-sales service maintenance

Engineering experience: Years of experience in domestic and overseas equipment sales service.


Name: Li kun

length of service: 3 years

position: Quality director

Work is good at:Quality management,Construction of ISO and 6s.

work experience:I went to Singapore for six months of quality management training, and returned to Singapore for 2 years

headings:Strong team, good service guarantee